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History Shaanxi Xingmao Industry Co.,Ltd,Website:,built in 1984,dedicates to?designing?and??manufacturing?ophthalmic,hair transplant,cosmetic&burn surgical instruments and other surgical products over thirty years in China. Product Series ophthalmic surgical products:sapphire and black diamond surgical knives ,lasik disposable microkeratome blades,cataract and glaucoma ophthalmology surgery instruments. Hair Transplant Surgical Products:Electric FUE Hair Extraction?Instruments,sapphire hair transplant knives,FUE Punches of different sizes,manual hair punch handle,titanium hair transplant forceps,sapphire and black diamond cosmetic surgical knives. Burn Surgical Products:Electric Dermatome,skin graft blades(compatible with USA ,Germany?and?Netherlands?Dermatome). Other Products:Ear Tension Ring, Microtome Blade. Service&Mission Our business extending a wide range in Asia,Europe and USA,and welcome different ways of cooperation from all over the?world.We adhere to the ?integrity-based,quality-first,customer-foremost?.sincerely to establish a good relationship of cooperation,hand in hand!We greatly appreciate your feedback on our ophthalmic,hair transplant ,burn surgical instruments and equipment. Please let us know how we can better serve you! Quick Contacts Call us today: 0086-29-85392579. Orders or questions may also be presented by email:? Please do not hesitate to CHAT WITH US ONLINE!
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LASIK Disposable Microkeratome Blade Microkeratome LASIK Blades M2 Microkeratome Blades LASIK Blade Microkeratome blades Electric FUE Hair Extractor FUE Extraction Machine Fue Hair Restoration Equipment Fue Motorized Extraction Device Electric FUE spear point sapphire blades Sapphire Spear Point Hair Transplant Knife Sapphire Spear Point Knives sapphire knives and blades Sapphire Cosmetic Surgical Blades Black Diamond Plastic Surgical Knives Titanium Hair Transplant Forceps Hair Transplant Forceps Curved Hair Transplant Instruments Forceps Hair Transplantation Forceps Micro Titanium Tweezers Hair Transplant Punch Pro FUE Punches FUE Hair Restoration Punches FUE Punches FUE Punch For Hair Transplant Surgery Manual Punch Handle Handle For Manual FUE Punches Manual FUE Handle Stainless Steel Ramet Blade Holder Stainless Steel Points Strains Blade Holder Stainless Steel Ramet Blade Stainless Steel Points Strains Blades Electric Dermatome Dermatome Instrument Dermatome Surgical Grafting Instruments Dermatome Skin Graft Machine Electric Dermatomes Skin Graft Blade Skin Grafts Blades Blades for dermatome Sterile Dermatome Blades sapphire knives ophthalmic sapphire knives Sapphire Knife ophthalmic instruments knives Keratome knives surgical eye instruments Ophthalmology Diamond Knives LRI Knife ophthalmic microsurgical knives micro ophthalmic instruments ophthalmic surgery instrument ophthalmic surgical instrument Paracentesis Knives Clear Cornea Knives Sapphire Clear Corneal Phaco Spear Knives Lancet Sapphire Knives ophthalmic crescent knives Crescent Tunnel Knives Trapezoid Knife Trapezoid Knives Phaco Incision Diamond Knives ophthalmic incision instruments Univeral Straight Knives Step diamond knives Angled Phaco Knives clear corneal diamond knife ophthalmology surgery instruments Tri-Facet Diamond Knife ophthalmology surgery tools ophthalmology surgical instruments Dual Bevel Trapezoid Diamond Knife ophthalmology instruments Trapezoid Diamond Knife "ophthalmic angled slit knives " "Eye Surgical Instruments " "Ophthalmic Clear cornea blades " "sapphire trapezoid knife " "Crescent Knife Angled Bevel Up " "instruments for eye surgery " Keratome diamond knife LRI Diamond Knife "dhaliwal scleral buckle crescent blade " instruments for ophthalmic surgery ophthalmic knives and blades surgical ophthalmic knives ophthalmic micro surgical blade MicroSurgical Ophthalmic instruments "Microsurgical Knives and Ophthalmic Instruments " Ophthalmic Surgical Knives Blades Reusable Ophthalmic instruments eye instruments diamond knives for ophthalmic surgery eye surgery instruments ophthalmic surgical instruments Ophthalmic instruments Crescent Sapphire Knife Sapphire Trapezoid Blades Diamond knives for retinal surgery "Cataract Surgery Knives " Step Knives for Cataract Surgery and LRI Ophthalmic Cataract Blades Sapphire Clear Cornea Phaco Spear Knives Clear Corneal Keratome Diamond Knife "crescent and sideport blades " clear corneal diamond knife Knives for Cataract Surgery Diamond Knives for Cataract Surgery ophthalmic Micro Instruments Sapphire Blade Stainless Steel Ophthalmic Knife Ophthalmology Instruments Knife
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